The Province of Montecristi is located at the northwest of the Dominican Republic, its shores are washed by the Atlantic Ocean, with an unforgettable scenery, dark sandy beaches and blue crystal waters.

270 kilometers away from the city of Santo Domingo, Montecristi represents one of the largest salt production areas in the Dominican Republic, and despite its arid lands in some regions becomes an oasis. His vegetation comes from its banana plantations and the cambrón.

This region is also dedicated to fishing and diving, its the perfect location for diving in search of lost treasures in the bowels of spanish shipwrecks from the sixteenth century.

El Morro of Montecristi is a natural wonder that rises as a watchdog and guardian of the ancient city, founded by Nicolas de Ovando, with the name of San Fernando de Montecristi, in honor to the catholic king Fernando, at the north of the country.

In front of miles of a beautiful, untapped, coastline rises El Morro, a large geological landmark, resembling a large flat pot made of clay.

From El Morro, visitors can overlook the stunning bay, and the keys called "Seven Brothers". A coastal lagoon system is also found. This National Park with a subtropical dry forest vegetation, abundant and varied fauna, is certainly an enchanted place within our wonderful land, highly ranked by many naturalists, amazed at the variety and beauty of this continent in miniature.


Other attractions that the area has:

The Seven Brothers Keys The Scentific Reserve
Beautiful Mangroves The Clock of Montecristi
Villa Elisa    


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